Water flower fountain for Cat (Review)

Hello, friends. Today, I just got the flower fountain. I ordered through the Amazon. Our cat, Chasey, she loves to play with water. The Flower Fountain uses running water to encourage your pet to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases. The Catit Flower Fountain includes a dual-action water softening filter (refill sets available separately). The filter continuously purifies and softens hard tap water, while also retaining stray hairs, sediment and debris.

The Catit Flower Fountain is easy to disassemble and clean. Simply hand-wash each part with natural soap, free of chemicals or abrasive solutions and rinse thoroughly. Combine the Flower Fountain with the Catit Multi Feeder for a complete dining experience!

Tips & Tricks

How can I get my cat to drink? I’ve tried all 3 settings
If your cat refuses to drink, or even go near the Flower Fountain, try squatting beside it and dipping your fingers in the water. Show your cat what the product does and that there is nothing to fear. Have patience, as it may take a few days for them to get accustomed to it.

Can I clean the pump?
Should the pump appear dirty, you can easily open it up for a quick cleaning session. The Flower Fountain includes a handy manual with a illustrated explanation of its parts and appropriate maintenance.

When do I need to replace the filter?
The filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks, or when there are visible signs that the filter is saturated with foreign matter (debris, food, hair, etc). More frequent changes may be necessary due to indoor environmental and water conditions, as well as multiple pet use.

How often should I replace the water inside?
The Flower Fountain keeps water fresh and clear for longer by continuous multi-filtration. Check the reservoir every few days to judge whether or not the water needs replacing.



I was using water bowls for my cats but noticed that they wouldn’t drink much from it. After doing some research, I learned that many cats actually prefer to drink moving water over still water. A lot of fountains that are currently on the market are too bulky or have too many components that make cleaning a chore, so this one seemed perfect. It’s compact, doesn’t take up much space, and there isn’t a huge pool of water for my cats to mess around with. I have to say that I’ve never seen my cats drink so much water in one sitting, or as often daily! The surface is wide enough that both of them can drink from it at the same time.


I absolutely LOVE this fountain. And so does my cat! My cat absolutely love this fountain AND it’s adorable. They always want to drink out of the faucet, so I figured that they would enjoy this. As soon as I hooked it up they came running and started drinking from it. 🙂 Make sure that you keep it full or you could damage the pump. I would also provide water bowls for her but she would usually just play with them and I would come home to big puddles everywhere.  First of all, how cute is it?? Second of all, she LOVES it! Of course she played with it the first few days but now she just drinks from the little streams with no problem whatsoever! I’ve never seen her drink so much in one sitting! I thought it is great gift for our Chasey!

Dyson Vacuum V6 [Review]


Hello, friends! What is the important item to clean your house or apartment? The vacuum is definitely must item. Our vacuum is broken. So, it’s time to replace the new one! When I look for the vacuum, dyson vacuum is the most popular! I choose Dyson (pink one), I want to know why people like this one.


Dyson V6: Design & Features

The Dyson V6 makes a great first impression. This isn’t the sort of ugly vacuum you want out of sight in a cupboard, it’s a good-looking modern gadget. It’s also packed full of thoughtful design tweaks that show Dyson has thought hard about how people will use the DC59.

One of the biggest is the power button. Rather than a simple on/off switch button, the V6 has a power trigger you must hold down that helps extend the functional battery life

That’s because the trigger system means you never leave it running unnecessarily, which makes the difference between the V6’s battery life and the 40-minute cleaning time of the Gtech Air Ram less pronounced. It also matches up reasonably well to the Bosch Athlet when used on its ‘normal’ setting, though the Bosch claims up to 60-minutes when used on its lowest power setting for hard floors.

In practice, we found the V6’s battery life was more than ample for a couple of full sweeps of a moderately sized two-bedroom house.


With all this said, it does reinforce the fact the Dyson V6 is really a vacuum cleaner for smaller households like me, or a secondary cleaner for quick ‘top-up’ cleans. Its size and nimble design make it ideal for small houses and flats, but it’s  tight limit to clean large family house in 20 minutes.

That argument is supported by the limited 0.4-litre dust capacity, a decent amount less than the 0.9 liters of the Bosch Athlet. As with the battery life, 0.4-litres is enough for small homes and flats, but it’s not enough for larger homes if used as your primary cleaner.

But what the V6 lacks in capacity, it more than makes up for with lightness and ease of use. The Dyson V6 isn’t too hard on your wrist or back as it weighs just two kilos (about the same most laptops). It’s easy to tilt it to the ceiling or reach tight corners with minimal strain, which is down to how evenly its 2kg weight is distributed. It’s an incredibly well balanced machine.


Those are all included in the box.


Dyson V6: Accessories

The Dyson V6 comes with plenty of accessories to tackle a variety of jobs. The main one is a motorised cleaning head for normal carpets, but it uses more power so there’s a standard non-motorised one as well in addition to the crevice tool and bristled extension for those more delicate areas.%eb%8b%a4%ec%9d%b4%ec%8a%a8%ec%b2%ad%ec%86%8c%ea%b8%b07

All of these attachments fit either directly to the body, or at the end of the one-metre rigid extension, which means the Dyson V6 comfortably doubles as a handheld vacuum (for car interiors, table tops etc.) and a standard vacuum for normal housework. It’s an incredibly versatile machine.


But, while we love V6’s versatility and dexterity, its most practical feature is the neat wall mounted docking station. The dock, which screws into the wall, is a brilliant addition that stores and charges the vacuum, and holds two cleaning attachments. It’s useful so that you don’t forget to charge the V6 between cleans – an important point considering the 20-minute battery life.


[The pros]

Users found the Dyson V6 Absolute worked well for pet hair pickup. They also cited its weight and powerful suction as positives, and said it was especially good on hardwood and tile flooring.

[The cons]

Some users complained that shag carpeting got caught in the V6 Absolute’s bristles, which caused it to power down in order to save energy. Some also found it a little more difficult to push on carpeting than on tile or hardwood floors.

[The verdict]

Users consistently noted the V6 Absolute’s powerful suction, especially when in the enhanced max power mode. It was also praised for being light and easy to use. Because it lasts only 20 minutes on a charge, it’s better for people with smaller homes or for use as a supplementary vacuum.


To make our ratings, which run from a low score of 1 to a high of 10, we considered what users reported about the vacuums’ overall performance and how they performed in a variety of settings, such as on stairs or hardwood floors. We also factored in reviewers’ observations on characteristics such as noise level, durability and battery life for a well-rounded look at each model.

The V6 Absolute ranked second among all the stick vacuums we evaluated. It had an overall rating of 9.0, but a 9.8 on its cleaning performance. Its ease of use clocked in at a solid 9.2. In addition to the three major categories, we also considered how well each model cleaned specific floor types, battery life and durability. The Dyson V6 Absolute had perfect scores on cleaning hardwood floors, stairs, and pet hair. It also scored a 10 for durability. However, it scored just a 4.1 on battery life.

I like Dyson vacuum, it is good to have it. I will clean more!

Hawaii trip for Christmas & New year!


Aloha! Hello, friends! How was your Christmas and New year? I had great time with family. We have family in Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii before. I was so excited and was look forward to meeting sister in law family. We have two nephews and one niece. Hawaii is consist of many island, we stayed in sister’s home, which is Ohau island. Hawaii was the great weather, compare to San Diego weather. I love the matching clothes with my husband. My husband bought for my dress. It was awesome choice. I love this dress!


Here are our adorable two nephew, Korbin & Keegan, and niece, Kennedy. We have talked about pokemon all day long. The boys love pokemon so much.  I still miss them so much.


Waikiki beach! It was very clear and beautiful. I understood why people love this beach.

Oahu is Known as the “Gathering Place,” Oahu is Hawaii’s most populous island; and many believe it is simply the most perfect representation of paradise in the entire state. Check out the world-famous Waikiki with its exciting beach scene and stunning Diamond Head backdrop. Or, head to the rugged North Shore where the best surfers in the world conquer giant waves. You’ll also want to get cultured as you visit Pearl Harbor, Iolani Place, and a host of other wonderful attractions. And don’t think you have to stay on land to have an amazing time. Whether you’re up for some surfing, kayaking, whale watching, skydiving, hang gliding, or a relaxing dinner cruise, Oahu’s got you covered.




We enjoyed the beach! It was great time with family. I already miss them so much!!

If you guys have chance to go to Hawaii, I strongly recommend Hawaii.

[Parkjun Hair salon] hair color & keratin treatment


Hello, friends! Firnally, I changed my hair style. I was very hectic to do my work. So, Christmas is coming up. I just want to give a gift for myself. It was Excellent!

This is my first time come here and definitely this place is my most favorite place now! First, they have me my own locker and a coat to put on, what made me feel very pleased. Then, they washed my hair. The smelt of their shampoo product is so good and I felt relax. They are Korean and are more confortable speaking Korean, but if you are able to show a picture of a hairstyle, they’ll provide you with what you want.

I just get my hair keratin treatment with Kristy on December 18th. She did a very good job. She was very detailed on my hair and put her passion on her job. I was very worry about my hair, becasue my hair was damaged a lot. She gave me such a good advice for my hair how I take care my hair, which shampoo is good for me. Thanks Kristy!!

Finally, he gave me many advices to keep my hair healthier. I looked at myself in the mirror and I could say that SHE IS MY SAVIOR ! My hair looks very beautiful now and I think I’m the happiest girl in the world !!

All in all, I paid $220 for the whole process, which includes hair washed, hair cut, hair treatments and 2 kinds of hair perm. It’s worth the price. Gave him $40 for the tip for his excellent work.

And also, thumps up for all the smiles I received from the workers here, and good talk with them ! The location is inside the Zion market, parking is no problem. 🙂






[Workout] Total Ballet Leg Workout

Hello, friends. Do you like exercise? Before I really don’t like to do workout, recently I start to like doing workout. This exercise is for leg. These days, I focus on doing leg exercise. Because I work hard, I don’t have time to do exercise. So, I always delay to do exercise. This exercise is combined with ballet. I have heard yoga or ballet is good for making good body line. Therefore, I think it is good for someone who wants to have pretty leg.

Let’s workout together!!! Burn out all calories.

[Workout] 5 Minute Beach Bum Workout | Lottie Murphy

Hello, friends! 🙂 These days, I just realized that I gained weight a lot. So I really need it!! Normally, I am working with computer, sitting on the chair, don’t move a lot. If I got stress, I eat sweet things a lot. That’s my mistakes. I used to take long walk at least one hour, I have so many excues to stop workout. So, I have new year plan, try to workout at least one hour, get back to my body shape. Do you want to have good shape? I will post workout posting.

This exercise is good for leg and hip. If you are same as me who spend time at the office, don’t move a lot. It will help you for making pretty leg and hip. It is called as beach bum workout. Press the play button, follow her action. Let’s burn out calories, Be healthy! Look Pretty!!

If you workout for leg…

# You’ll burn more calories.

Whether or not weight loss is the goal, if you want to get the most bang for your buck at the gym, it all starts with the legs. “Working bigger muscles in multi joint exercise like squats, deadlifts or lunges will require more ‘work’ from the heart and brain and higher levels of metabolism compared to exercising smaller muscle groups. Challenging these larger muscles requires more energy, which means your body will be burning more calories.

# You’ll increase your metabolism

Not only will leg day make you speedier on the track, but it can also speed up your metabolism. It’s no secret that lifting weights will help athletes build and maintain muscle mass, And when your body composition has more muscle. Strength training outperforms running, cycling, rowing and other standard cardio exercises when it comes to keeping metabolism revved up.

Thankful day, Christmas card from students.



Hello friends! 🙂 How’s your day? Today, I received  a surprise gift card and Christmas card from student. Why? Did I receive the card from students? Because I have taught Korean and Chinese for about one year. I have 8 kids in Korean class and I have private classes as part time. I didn’t expect that I can get a Christmas card, but I received it and gift card too. Teaching is not a easy job, but it can be very impressive job. I love teaching. That’s why I took education class in my college, and I love my job.


This Christmas card is from Ethan, he is my student who took the Chinese class. He told me he can’t come next week. But he want to give me the card before he leave San Diego next week. I didn’t expect too. He is very passionate to learn Chinese, also he said he will take another language class too. Even though he has many homeworks, but he try to study more and more. They touched my feeling. I had a great day!! 🙂

How about your day? Is your day good day or bad day? Can we share your day?